Year in Review: 2017

So the year is nearly over and boy oh boy hasn't it been a doozy? Finishing my second year of uni which, despite all its highs and lows was an unbelievable year. Forging closer bonds with my classmates this year definitely helped ease the stress of work as we all came together to help each other out and... Continue Reading →

From 2-D to 3-D

So in the latest line of "Things I never thought I'd be doing at work", I was sent a floor plan for a proposed go-kart track to be built inside of a shopping centre in Bahrain  (because of course, that's the case), the only problem (because there's only one problem with this whole thing obviously)... Continue Reading →

Four Months In

So again, much like the one-month update post, I'm just going to quickly go over a few of the in-house projects that I've been doing in between waiting for outside projects to come in. In terms of in-house projects, the majority of my time has been spent creating more animation videos (like the one pictured... Continue Reading →

VR Pain Management

So it's been a while since the last blog post on here, the reason for which is purely down to not having any major projects to write about, that's not to say that I haven't done anything of note, just nothing major to write about here. I've spent my time learning the likes of Blender... Continue Reading →

Working on FanZactive

So after my work on the NI Open explainer video, I was asked to create another animated explainer video going over the process of the app and how it practically works. However, this time I was asked to focus more on an overarching narrative to it, now, of course I'm used to writing a narrative... Continue Reading →

Designing Album Art

So when I have some downtime in the office between projects I have a few side projects that I've wanted to focus on, one of the bigger side projects was focusing on more design work inside of Photoshop to do with my band, Search Party, as our new single, 'Amsterdam' is releasing in August and... Continue Reading →

One Month In

So as of writing this I have been working for Sentrieal for just over a month and a half now and I must say it is a very challenging and informative workspace to be in, not only in terms of my own work but with the insight into how small businesses work and the lengths they... Continue Reading →

Working on the NI Open

So one of the first real projects I was given was to do with the upcoming NI Open golf tournament, more specifically, however, to explain the new format for the tournament. The downside? It has to be an animation. And it's safe to say that I am by no means an animator in 3-D or... Continue Reading →

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