Modelling a Simple Heart in Blender

As part of a project I’m working on I needed a 3-D heart model using Blender, nothing too serious but thought I’d upload this just something simple.

Heart 2

SO to start off I started with a nurbs sphere, while in edit mode I box selected the edges of the sphere and pulled them up making the basic outline of the heart. Heart 3.png

Now with the basic outline done I need to go into the side view to make the heart more narrow like so.

Heart 4.png

Now that the model has been narrowed I just need to smooth out the edges of the heart and adjust the shape that I need.

Herat 5.png

With the model smoothed and shaped the next step is adding a texture/material to it, for this I’ll just go with a glossy red finish for this model.

Heart 6

With the texture applied the final thing to do is set the camera and the lighting rig up and render the object out.

heart 2

And there you have it, an incredibly simple 3-D model heart made in Blender, not too hard to do and good practise!

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