Designing Album Art

So when I have some downtime in the office between projects I have a few side projects that I’ve wanted to focus on, one of the bigger side projects was focusing on more design work inside of Photoshop to do with my band, Search Party, as our new single, ‘Amsterdam’ is releasing in August and we needed some art for it when uploading it to streaming sites like Spotify.

With this incentive to focus on Photoshop I looked at a few tutorial videos on Youtube for ideas of what to do for it and found this 3-D clouded effect that I thought would work really well on a cover. So with using a photo, I took back up in Portstewart as the background and a lot (and I mean a lot) of tinkering with contrast and opacity I came up with the finished product and we ended up sending it off to the likes of Spotify for the release. With a lot of helpful feedback from the guys in the band, especially the inclusion of the three X’s on the top of the rectangle as a reference to the Amsterdam flag I had the cover art finished.

Background photo used 

Now I am by no means a graphic designer, or a designer of sorts at all but I’m incredibly proud of the result from this side project as its opened my eyes to focus more on design work. I was actually offered a freelance graphic design job an hour after we released the cover on our Facebook page but I decided to defer it to Lauren as I’m not confident enough in my design skills yet and would rather work on improving my skills myself for a while before looking to do any sort of professional design work.

Amseterdam Promo V1

(The first iteration of the cover without the 3D effect or black smoke)

Though it was flattering to be contacted with a job I just don’t think it would have been fair to produce sub par work when I know that if I took the time over the next few months improving my skills I could do so much better.

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