Working on FanZactive

So after my work on the NI Open explainer video, I was asked to create another animated explainer video going over the process of the app and how it practically works. However, this time I was asked to focus more on an overarching narrative to it, now, of course I’m used to writing a narrative for live action shoots so this was a change of pace for me as I’ve never really had any intention of getting into doing animated videos. Now let me be clear, these are by no means Pixar quality or even the stuff I’ve seen on Youtube, these types of animation are as simplistic as you can get for the time being. I’m only used to simple 2D animations at the mean time because I’m not comfortable with drawing out scenes and incorporating anything 3D into the mix at the moment.

This project did go well, it turned out to be the quickest one as well so I’m kind of happy that I’m getting used to producing animation quicker even though it’s just moving flat 2D images.

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