Four Months In

So again, much like the one-month update post, I’m just going to quickly go over a few of the in-house projects that I’ve been doing in between waiting for outside projects to come in.

In terms of in-house projects, the majority of my time has been spent creating more animation videos (like the one pictured above) focusing on the overview of Sentireal and what we do as a company, and another explainer video for FanzActive looking into the newest updates added to the app and website.

Now I’ve said time and time again that I am not one for animation so these projects weren’t my most enjoyable per say but I’ve been able to produce these animations a lot quicker than when I started working back in June.

What I have found however, is a fondness for business card designs, over the past month I’ve created the business cards for Sentireal and FanzActive, the Sentireal one was something I did when I hit a wall on a separate project one day and decided to Google some examples of business card designs and ended up creating something similar which (to my complete surprise) ended up being sent out to be printed and are now used for events and whatnot.

Business Card Mockup V2 (Front of the Sentireal business card)

Business Card Back Mock Up BLANK

(Back of business card)

So overall it’s been a busy enough few weeks of different projects which I’ve actually enjoyed as it’s kept me working on my design work and kept me working on multiple things at once.


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