Year in Review: 2017

So the year is nearly over and boy oh boy hasn’t it been a doozy? Finishing my second year of uni which, despite all its highs and lows was an unbelievable year. Forging closer bonds with my classmates this year definitely helped ease the stress of work as we all came together to help each other out and it really sucks that when I get back for final year half of them will be gone. 

That being said this year has certainly been an eye-opener in many ways, it’s made me see how willing I am to solve a problem/project given to me either in university or on my placement at Sentireal. I have been forced out of my comfort zone quite a few times in terms of creating certain parts of content that I have never worked with before on a programme I have never heard of. And this is by no means saying that I have mastered any of it yet because that would be a lie but I have made progress especially in terms of my work with 3D modelling in Blender.

I have been constantly pushed to better my skills and take on projects I otherwise would not have been comfortable to take on this time last year, and of course I still require a lot of help at times (especially in terms of coding in Unity) but I am starting to understand more and more as the weeks go on and hopefully by the end of my placement I can have a bigger understanding of what is required when working as part of a small business.


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