This page is dedicated to one of my favourite past times, these films range from coursework in AS Level to as recent as first year in University, enjoy!

Love Lost was my final project for Moving Image Arts in AS Level, this film revolved around a young man’s heartache after the death of his girlfriend.

This is a short one minute experimental piece filmed in A-Level focusing on paranoia and tension in film.

The Weathered Crowbar was my final project for Moving Image Arts in A-Level, this Neo-Noir focused on a detective looking into the towns crime boss The Pin.

This was a compilation piece I made for the Moving Image open night using all of the top films from that year.

Nowhere Left was my final project for the Cinematic Practice module in first year in university, the film is a one shot POV experience following a man waking up in the forest after and attack on him and his friends.

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