One of the more recent inspirations I found online is Henry Do, a travel photographer and drone pilot who travels the world using photography to show a different angle on the world.

Henry’s work has peaked an interest in getting into drone photography and through working at the drone workshop last week it allowed me to get a feel for drone photography.

Another inspiration I found on Instagram is Taylor Kenny, a motion designer based in New York, his work with 3-D modelling has inspired me to download Cinema 4D and attempt to teach myself this very important skill that is one of the key components of new media. The practice has been difficult outside of tutorials as I have only started outside of university. This isn’t a pathway I originally thought of until I’ve seen Kenny’s work and something I could use for projects in future.


The next inspiration is a film company, Film Factor who I found again on Instagram, who focus on cinematography, VFX, drone video and motion graphics, again the focus on drone filming is changing my mind from traditional filming to a more initiative area of filming.

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