Blender Tests (Cont.)

So continuing on from my last post, the first few weeks working at Sentireal have seen me focus on getting used to Blender and this post is no exception. Following a Youtube series ‘Blender fro noobs’ (aptly named I know) which went through the key elements of Blender and used reference images. (like the featured... Continue Reading →

Tackling Blender

Day two saw me getting used to Blender, a 3-D modelling software used for generating content. So I spent the day watching a tutorial playlist explaining the basics and giving a few examples to follow along with, at first, or at least for the first two tutorials I found it really hard to get used... Continue Reading →

Testing the Richo Theta S

So I started my placement with Sentireal yesterday (June 1st) to which my job role is a Mixed Reality Content Designer, which right now involves me learning about and testing out how to shoot, edit and export 360 video and photography. So I spent the bulk of my day online looking at examples of 360... Continue Reading →

Week 12: May 1st-May 5th

So second year of university is over and done with already, it’s crazy how quick the past year has been and how much has happened within it. This week was focused on getting our group project finished and out to the public which we got everything done and sorted out. We had our final group... Continue Reading →

Skills Audit

Now that was a long road travelled wasn’t it? This is used to show the development of my skills from the end of second year before I go on my year placement to which I’ll do another skills audit this time next year.

Week 11: Apr 24th-Apr 28th

So with week 12 vastly approaching we had to present our blogs as they are, going through our blogs and discussing how we have developed over the past few months. I thought my presentation went well with all the content I have on my blog as I feel it does reflect on the change in... Continue Reading →

Interview with Taylor Kenny

I had the joy to interview one of my favourite motion designers, Taylor Kenny over email a few weeks ago, I have been following Kenny’s work on Instagram for the better part of a year now. Kenny is based in New York and has been creating motion graphics pieces on his profile for some time,... Continue Reading →

Performing the Drone Workshop

So over the Easter break a few of us took part in working as part of the Performing the Drone workshop held in the university showing a few groups how to fly the DJI Phantom 3 Pro drones that we have in the university. Over the two day period we showed the groups how to... Continue Reading →

Generation Animation Work

So for the second year in a row I’ve had the opportunity to help out in the university as part of Generation Animation, this programme aims to bring two schools from different communities together to create short stop motion animated films focusing on the human rights of the child. Our job is to teach the kids... Continue Reading →

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