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Since starting second semester in university we’ve been told that we need to complete at least 10 days placement, ideally somewhere that fits our career choice post graduation. We’ve spent a large part in the Monday classes over the past few months on how to approach a company that you would like to go to for placement and how to present ourselves in a manner that would secure us a position.

I was lucky enough to have been recommended for a place by Eoin in his placement; Sentireal, Sentireal are a small company based in the Science Park in Belfast that focus on delivering content specifically for virtual reality and augmented reality purposes. After a call from David Trainor I had a fair idea of the work that goes on within Sentireal and how I would fit into the company for the next year, it sounds like the perfect balance of traditional film making and storytelling with the modern technology of 360 video and virtual reality together which sounds like a very exciting venture.

I very much look forward to starting in the summer and getting to grips with 360 videography and how to develop for VR and AR so the plan is to spend the next few weeks after finishing week 12 to sit down and download the relevant software needed and see what techniques are crucial for developing for these technologies.

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